The Magna Carta School

One of the most important decisions you will ever make is where to send your child to school. You will want a school which is high-achieving, has a wide range of academic and extracurricular choices and that recognises the importance of pastoral care and support, so that your child feels safe and happy.

At The Magna Carta School, we are justifiably proud of our achievements. We are truly dedicated to the community that we serve. We recognise every young person as an individual who has their own special talent which needs to be nurtured. We encourage every student to be the best they can be and strive to achieve so they are proud of their efforts. We work hard to create a learning environment that is not only stimulating and celebratory but also, most importantly, meets the needs of every young person in our care.

By maintaining a culture and ethos in the school that is reflected by our school motto: Respect…Learn…Aspire…Achieve,  we are encouraging students to become self-assured,  considerate, and understand their role in society and the rights and responsibilities that this brings.

We recognise that to be successful, students must feel safe and cared for and know their goals: our Pastoral Leads, Progress Leads, Tutors and the Wellbeing Team understand and support the students in their care extremely well.

We are proud to be among the top 25% of schools nationally in terms of student progress. Our curriculum design provides choice which allows young people to engage and enjoy their learning as well as participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities. Our students continue to achieve impressive GCSE results, and progress on to Further Education, apprenticeships and the work place.

In a rapidly changing world in which our young people are presented with many exciting opportunities, our staff are dedicated to preparing our students for the challenges ahead. We want them to become independent thinkers, develop resilience and make positive contributions to our community.

Our commitment to continuous improvement means that we have a systematic approach to attracting, training and retaining the highest quality teachers and support staff, all of whom want to create the best possible opportunities for the students to succeed. We believe that a student’s success not only depends on what the school provides but also on the quality of relationships between the home and our school. As such, we have high expectations of parents and carers to support their child and the school in ensuring that attendance and engagement in learning is outstanding.

Come and see for yourself: may I extend a warm invitation to visit our school and experience the ‘buzz’ of learning in a vibrant community.

Mrs J Bell
Head of School