Mr Peirera

Year 8

Miss Talarico

Year 10

Mr Fraser-Cannon

Year 9

Mr Foster

Year 7

Mission Statement:
It is our responsibility to listen to and represent the voice of the student community at Bishop David Brown School. We will endeavour to nurture an atmosphere of unity, respect and trust; ensuring we play our part in the school’s journey to becoming exceptional.



How it works:

Student Voice Tutor Time· Tutor Reps should lead a discussion based around the provided agenda points.

· Tutor Reps should minute the tutor group’s discussion to be able to take forward their points/concerns to the Tutor Rep meeting.
Tutor Rep Meetings (all year groups)· Student Council Reps should lead discussions based around the pre-agreed agenda, taking feedback from each form group.

· As a group they should decide the priorities moving forward and which points should be raised at the full Student Council Meeting.
Student Council Meeting· Solutions and resolutions to each agenda item should be proposed and discussed.

· The Council should come to an agreement about which key items should be taken forward to SLT the following week.

· The Council should agree on key/additional items for the next agenda to be sent to tutor groups.
Senior Student Council Reps present to SLT· The SCRs should present any key issues/ideas raised through the Student Council to the LT for discussion.

· Any actions made as a result of the Student Council will be announced in assemblies and posted to the Student Voice area on the school website.

House and Student Voice Meetings 2020-21

DateAttendingInformation/ responsibilty
Autumn term
Thursday 3rd SeptemberHOH and House CaptainsSet up events and plan for the year ahead .
Friday 4th SeptemberAFC, JF, LT, NP & Student voice members●Application forms to be devised
● ASH/HoH/House captains
● ASH/HoH/Out-going house captains
Devise interview process
Monday 5th OctoberAFC & Student voice members●Sub committee leads/senior sub committee members take charge
●Objectives for term/year outlined
Thursday 5th NovemberAFC, JF, LT, NP & Student voice membersSub committee leads and reps – plan for upcoming term
Spring Term
Thursday 3rd DecemberAFC & Student voice membersSub committee leads and reps
●Sub committee members/House captains/Leads
Thursday 7th JanuaryAFC, JF, LT, NP & Student voice membersSub committee leads and reps – plan for term ahead
Tuesday 23rd FebruaryAFC & Student voice members● Sub committee leads and reps
●ASH/HoH/House captains/Student Leadership Team
Thursday 4th MarchAFC, JF, LT, NP & Student voice members●JFO/SBR to coordinate applications/set deadline
●Sub committees/Leads/House captains
Summer Term
Tuesday 20th AprilAFC & Student voice members●ASH/HoH/House captains
● Sub committee leads and reps – reflect on term, set objectives for next term
●Prefects announced