Hawking House

When I was appointed as Head of House in June 2020, I was excited about the change I could make in the house system, aiming to make Hawking, the house which students can be proud to be in and represent in/outside of school. Like all students around the school, Hawking students conduct themselves in a positive and respectful manner in school whilst supporting my vision for the house, making my role as Head of House so rewarding!

Stephen Hawking is known for his intellect, scientific advancements and perseverance. Hawking House students use his inspiration to power their learning mindset, persevering and pushing the boundaries of their learning throughout their time here at BDB.

I am looking forward to seeing the Hawking students challenge Austen, house champions last year, to regain the title back, with red ribbons on the trophy this year instead!

Mr Fraser, Head of House