Austen House

Named after the author, Jane Austen, Austen house inspires all students to work creatively, in order to reach their full potential. The house is currently being represented by numerous students in the school production, music clubs and art clubs, as well as working tirelessly to compete in school sports teams.

We believe that every student has a unique set of talents, and that these talents should be shared, for the benefit of everyone.

Our motto is “achieve together.” We believe that it takes every single person to take pride in their house, and work hard, not only in the classroom, but through extra-curricular activities and even just acts of kindness, to allow the entire house to succeed; we each have our part to play.

Austen House is proud to have won the house competition last year, and we need every student to work just as hard this year, in order to maintain this hard-earned success.

Miss Inch, Head of House