Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) at Bishop David Brown

Welcome to the Careers section of the BDB website. We are very proud of our extensive Careers provision at BDB, which aims to offer every student appropriate information, advice and guidance at each stage of their journey through secondary school following the Governments Gatsby Benchmarks

Our Careers department is involved in various events throughout the year including visits to Higher Education and Further Education establishments, skills events, work experience, careers fair and careers insight talks provided by local employers from a wide selection of industries.

Students have easy access to the Careers Office based in Study Centre and are encouraged to drop in to talk to Mrs Eljamaly if they need any assistance at all. Within the Careers Library there is a wide-range of careers literature. Access Fast Tomato for:

  • Immediate results on completion of short interests-based questionnaire
  • Aspirational career and subject suggestions matched to the individual
  • Access to over 600 career descriptions including videos, case studies and useful links
  • Information on entry requirements, routes to careers and salaries

If you have not yet registered and need the Fast Tomato access code or you have misplaced your username/password, please see Mrs Eljamaly.

BDB’s Student Careers & Employability activities are monitored, evaluated and reviewed on an on-going basis. Feedback is welcomed from all members of the school community who help with our programme, this provides the basis for the careers programme development plan.

All students will have meetings with the school external Careers Advisor over the course of their time at BDB, including at least one 1:1 meeting.

Please also take a look at the labour market trends within our local area and nationally to see which areas of employment are on the increase and decrease.

For more information, advice or guidance contact Mrs Eljamaly,