Should your child need to self-isolate for a period of time, or the school need to be closed due to national lock-downs we will continue to provide them with work and any support needed. The work provided by teachers will follow the national curriculum or exam specifications, therefore it is essential that students complete the work set to the best of their ability.

Remote Provision

Microsoft Teams (MS Teams)

  • Wherever possible your child will be able to take part in live-lessons. Where live-lessons are not possible, work will be assigned to students via MS Teams to be completed more independently.
  • Teachers will always be available to support students throughout their lessons, whether they are live or not. Teachers can be contacted through the use of the MS Teams chat function, or directly by email (all staff email addresses are available here.
  • At the end of each lesson students should submit completed work to their teacher using the MS Teams assignment function.
  • Guidance on how to access and use MS Teams is available to download here.
  • The school VLE will no longer be used for remote learning provision

Paper Packs

  • As a school, we have access to a limited supply of laptops and internet dongles for loan to students.
  • If you do not have access to adequate ICT facilities or internet to support online learning at home please contact your child’s Head of Year by email or alternatively, call the school office directly (01932 349696). Our supply of resources is limited, but we will support you if we can.
  • Students who continue to require alternate paper provision will be provided with work packs, these are printed and distributed by the school office. If you require a work pack for your child then please contact their Head of Year or the school office as outlined above. Arrangements will be made for you to come in and collect their work pack in a socially distanced way. If your child is away from school for a prolonged period of time due to national school closures, work packs will be provided every two-weeks.
  • Students should return their completed work packs to their form tutor on their return to school. If they are completing multiple work packs due to an extended, national school closure, students should return completed work packs every two-weeks when collecting their next pack.

Lesson Timings

Whilst your child is learning from home we ask that they follow their normal school timetable as closely as possible.

Student engagement in remote learning

As a profession, we hope that students will return to school as soon as it is safe to do so. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that all students engage fully with remote learning so that when they do, they are in the same place as their peers and in a position to continue with the curriculum.

With this in mind, we will be monitoring students’ engagement with online learning closely. Students’ attendance and engagement with each lesson/resource will be monitored by the classroom teacher, this will be used to generate a weekly overview of engagement for each student. If your child has not engaged sufficiently with their online learning you will be contacted by text and/or ParentMail. If your child continues to be a concern their Head of Year will contact you by phone and if needed, arrange a ‘door-step wellbeing check.’

Supporting your child with remote learning

We ask that parents support us in the delivery of online learning by:

  • setting a productive routine e.g. getting up at a reasonable time, getting dressed properly, having breakfast, taking breaks that fall in line with the school day, having lunch, finishing at 15.10 and going to bed at a suitable time for their age group
  • where possible, providing a quiet place for their child to work. Ideally at a desk or table with minimal distractions
  • limiting your child’s access to distractions such as mobile phones and games consoles (unless used for learning purposes)
  • checking on your child regularly, either in person or by phone and asking them to talk you through the work they have been doing
  • supporting them with their use of ICT if you are able
  • encouraging them to contact their teachers if they are struggling
  • building in rewards for positive engagement with remote learning (these do not need to be large or monetary)
  • encouraging your child to stay physically active, resources are provided to support with this on the school VLE

Student physical and mental wellbeing

We understand that during this period it is as important to support students with their academic progress as it is to support their physical and mental wellbeing. As such, we provide additional, optional wellbeing tasks for students to complete in their own time. These can be accessed here.

Should require any further information about our approach to remote learning and provision for specific groups of students, please download our full guidance here.