Year 8 Options Key Stage 4 Curriculum 2022-25

At Bishop David Brown School we feel it is an absolute priority to prepare your child for the world of work. In the future, people will need to be multi-skilled, adaptable and should expect to change careers several times. With this in mind, we have been able to put together a curriculum that not only prepares students for this future but also takes into consideration government requirements and offers some choice of subjects that allows our students to personalise their pathway.

Please spend time with your child discussing their options. They are more likely to succeed if they study subjects for which they have an aptitude. They should not choose a subject because they like a particular teacher or to be with friends. If you require further specific careers information please contact Mrs Eljamaly our IAG Coordinator at:

Students moving into Year 9 in September 2022 will effectively be starting their GCSE foundation year and as such should be prepared to complete 10-15 hours of self study per week which will encompass a wide variety of assignments and activities. You can help your child by providing a quiet place to work and supporting their academic studies.

If you have questions about your child’s options, or any other aspect of their education, please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate staff at the school, email addresses and useful contacts can be found at the back of the Guided Choices booklet.

We hope you find this guidance booklet helpful when making your decisions.


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