Year 7 Head of Year: Mr Roberts

Group Teacher Room
7A Austen Mrs S Ladva G6
7F Farah Miss K Young and Ms S Price G3
7H Hawking Miss P Tan G4
7N Nigtingale Mr G Cates G8
7AA Austen Mrs A Venter G7
7FF Farah Mr G Evans F3

Year 8 Head of Year: Mr Roberts

Group Teacher Room
8A Austen Miss F Arthur-Worsop F5
8F Farah Miss G Taylor F8
8H Hawking Mr M Maund F4
8N Nightingale Miss N Davies F6
8HH Hawking Mr J Brobbey F7

Year 9 Head of Year: Mr B Stevens

Group Teacher Room
9A Austen Miss P Fenner-Melham and Mr A Hind F13
9F Farah Miss A Eldred F10
9H Hawking Miss A Cottam F12
9N Nightingale Miss T Sharpe F22
9HH Hawking Mr A Collins F9

Year 10 Head of Year: Miss J Stonehouse

Group Teacher Room
10A Austen Ms S Martin F25
10F Farah Miss C Rodriguez F23
10H Hawking Miss L Talarico F24
10N Nightingale Miss R Adams F27
10HH Hawking Mr N Pereira F31

Year 11 Head of Year: Mr J David

Group Teacher Room
11A Austen Miss G Skinner G57
11F Farah Ms L Bracken G67
11H Hawking Miss R Inch and Ms S Price F32
11N Nightingale Mr S Obuya F35
11HH Hawking J Ovenden G62