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The House System at BDB creates a sense of pride and community within the school with a combination of competition and rewards throughout the year. Students are divided into four houses within their Tutor groups with each House named after a key figure who has provided inspiration within history and popular culture: Stephen Hawking, Jane Austen, Florence Nightingale and Mo Farah. Every day, students work to emulate the key traits each figure is known for:

Hawking: Critical thinking, academic success and innovation.

Nightingale: Compassion, teamwork and leadership.

Austen: Creativity, equality and resilience.

Farah: Determination, excellence and perseverance.

Each subject area runs a fun, creative and academic competition at different points through the year to extend learning outside the classroom and promote teamwork and leadership within students. Competitions include arts and crafts, creative writing, sports tournaments and scientific experiments. Students also work together within their houses to fundraise for BDB’s chosen local charity and national fundraising events such as Comic Relief.

In addition to the fundraising and competitions, students collect House Points throughout the year. House Points are awarded within the school’s rewards system when students model any of the “CLICK” values. Please see the Rewards page for more details. All competitions, fundraising and House Points accumulate to determine the winners of the House Competition each term and at the end of the year.


House and Student Voice Meetings 2021