Tutor Groups 2018 -2019

Year 7

Head of Year: Mr Roberts G14
7A Austen Mrs T Alighieri and E Francis (Friday) G7
7F Farah Mrs S Price and T Beetham (Tuesday) G6
7H Hawking Mr F Vega G3
7N Nightingale Ms S Woods G4
7AA Austen M B Stevens G8

Year 8

Head of Year: Miss J Stonehouse G14
8A Austen Miss S van Duijvenvoorde G75
8N Nightingale Mr D Talkington G67
8H Hawking Mr A Federick G62
8F Farah Ms A Price G57

Year 9

Head of Year: Ms C Simmons G11
9H Hawking Mr D Patel and T Beetham (Wednesday) F10
9F Farah Mr N Pereira F9
9A Austen Mr J Brobbey F12
9N Nightingale Mrs A Shaw F13

Year 10

Head of Year: Miss S Broad G11
10A Austen Miss S Martin F35
10F Farah Mrs Bethencourt-Smith (Monday – Wed), Mr A Leman-Lawrie (Thursday – Friday) F32
10H Hawking Mr A Gomez F31
10N Nightingale Miss G Skinner F27

Year 11

Head of Year: Mr J David G11
11A Austen Mr D West F7
11F Farah Mr Long F5
11H Hawking Mr E Tuso F3
11N Nightingale Mr D Lewis F4
11AA Austen Miss C Williams G34
11FF Farah Mr J Foster F8
11HH Hawking Miss K Tamplin F6
11NN Nightingale Miss J Wright G49

Support Assistant: Mrs E Francis