Farah House

“Don’t dream of winning, train for it” – Mo Farah

Named as a tribute to the British athlete Mo Farah, Farah house has come to represent the values of this inspirational figure: hard work, resilience and humility. Arriving in England with no English and little money, Mo Farah showed incredible resilience and perseverance to make it all the way to the top of his extremely demanding profession. What’s more, he managed to stay grounded and humble despite all of his success. As a role model to aspire to, there are few more qualified than Mo Farah.

We are fortunate to have an array of talented students in our ranks in a variety of areas, from sports to the arts, cooks to writers, historians to scientists. I believe every one of our students has at least one talent that they can contribute to our house and I look forward to seeing all your hard work pay off this year. As runners up in the House Competition last year, we certainly have unfinished business!

Whether it is in house competitions or through your day to day attitude in school, I ask all Farah students this year to live by three principles: work hard, be resilient and stay humble. If it’s good enough for Mo, it’s good enough for us all.

Here’s to another year of success!
Mr Braye, Head of House