English Department

Mr Foster
Head of English
and Media Teacher

Ms Joshua
Deputy Head of English

Miss Stonehouse
English and Media Teacher

Miss Smith
English Teacher

Miss Arthur-Worsop
English Teacher

English Department Intent

At Bishop David Brown School, we believe that a good education in English should equip all of our students with the academic and personal skills that they will need to lead exceptional lives, rich in culture, ambition and accepting. Through a meticulously planned and well supported curriculum, focusing on analytical, creative and communication skills, we intend to continuously challenge all students, regardless of their starting points, to develop their talents and to exceed expectations and become curious, critical and creative young adults.

Through the conscientiously selected modern and classic literature they will study, including My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and A Christmas Carol, we will instil in our students a passion for reading, writing and thinking, ensuring they will leave our school with a deeper understanding of the world they live in, their own position in it and their responsibility towards it.

Examination Board: AQA
English Long-Term Curriculum Map