Aspiring Medics

Thursday’s 6pm – 7pm on  9/7/20 & 30/7/20
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Women in STEM Webinar

Vodafone have teamed up with STEMettes to run a series of virtual events for young females and non-binary people to learn more about Technology directly from Vodafone professionals. is a social enterprise inspiring the next generation of girls to make informed choices and decisions about careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), so that women can become better represented in the field.

Wednesday 17th June
: From 4-5pm join a session with Natalie Walker (Artificial Intelligence Specialist) and Charlie Crowson (Digital Product Owner)

The session covers a STEM tutorial on an introduction to the concepts of AI and Machine Learning with a focus on Vodafone’s own chatbot TOBi, before Natalie and Charlie teach the girls how to create a chatbot persona

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Friday 19th June
: From 4-5pm join a session with Luisa Tamrakar (Product Architect) and Roshni Mistry (Ethical Hacking)

Join an Instagram live via @vodafoneukcareers where the ladies will talk about their STEM career journeys and offer advice

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