Bishop David Brown Anti-Bullying Report It

You are now able to report bullying on please login and click on the ‘Report Bullying’ button.

Peer Support Team are a group of students spread across various year groups and are here to support students with any issues of well-being and bullying.

Bullying occurs in all schools around the world and we know that it can be difficult to tell your teachers or people who care about you, how you really feel. Also not everyone would be aware that bullying is happening or can have after effects.

As a school we take bullying very seriously and are here help.

  • You can talk to us and we will listen
  • It is always better to talk someone
  • You can trust us
  • We want to help
  • We can offer help and advice
  • We can support you with any after effects of bullying, such as loss of self-confidence, anxiety and or increased feelings of sadness or loneliness.

The Peer Support Team is fundraising with activities such as; cake sales so that we can create fun opportunities for you to look forward to.