Nightingale House

Hi I’m Miss Skinner, Head of Modern Foreign Languages and Head of Nightingale House. I hope that your time at Bishop David Brown School is enjoyable, fulfilling and exciting. I want all members of Nightingale to always make the most of every opportunity that is offered to you.

“Working hard is how to be successful.” Florence Nightingale

I want every student in Nightingale to be proud of what they achieve both inside and outside of the classroom and be proud to be a part of Nightingale House. ALL Nightingale House students are valued; every one of you has a contribution to make and everyone has the ability to make a difference to our community.

I want Nightingale to continue to be a great House and I know you will want that too! I will always encourage you to be respectful, kind, friendly, active, responsible and to reach your full potential!

There are lots of exciting competitions throughout the year for you to take part in; you don’t have to be brilliant you just need to take part. How do you possibly win if you don’t enter?

You may find you have hidden talents!

“I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any excuse.”~ Florence Nightingale

Miss Skinner, Head of House